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Contribute To Health And Safety Of Self And Others

One of the subjects on offer at Lifeskills during our first semester has been ‘Contribute to Health and Safety of Self and Others’. Students in this class have gained such skills as identifying hazards, how to work safely, risk assessment and understanding safety signs. Part of this subject also includes a tour around campus to investigate the emergency procedures of various buildings. For example, in the event of an emergency, where is the evacuation assembly point if you are in the Union Building or Glen College? On our Campus tour we locate and count the emergency telephones, the break glass alarms, exit signs and fire extinguishers. We also complete a comprehensive Health Safety Checklist at the Lifeskills Toolhire workshop, taking note of any potential hazards. We then conduct a classroom OHS meeting with our findings. This process highlights the importance of safety to self and others. Another component of this subject is an allocated amount of time spent in a computer lab where students will learn how use the computer in a safe, healthy and appropriate way, and follow all workplace safety procedures. We also spend some class time going through the contents of a large first aid kit and identify exactly what it holds. We look at a case study of a student accident on campus and learn about the correct procedures to be put in place.

Mandy Hayley
Trainer & Assessor
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