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Cuteness Alert! Dogs for Life at Latrobe Lifeskills Bendigo

Each week, Participants from Latrobe Lifeskills Bendigo head to The Dog Lab to select a furry companion for the day’s activities. Together, they embark on a brief stroll before returning to the classroom. The chosen dog accompanies the group for a few hours, meaning plenty of quality time with the pup!

Participants and staff provide a welcoming atmosphere to their four-legged guest. Though some participants can initially harbour some uncertainty, their concerns ease upon realising the small size of the puppies!

At The Dog Lab, Lana provides essential guidance on interacting with the therapy dog, emphasising the importance of treats and responsible waste management(poo bags to the rescue!). Latrobe Lifeskills assumes the responsibility of ensuring the dog’s welfare both during walks and within the classroom environment.


Witnessing the calming effect the dog has on everyone, particularly during stressful moments, is truly remarkable.

As familiarity with the routine grows, plans are underway for extended walks to accommodate the dogs’ development. Notably, during a recent session, the dog remained in the class, experiencing diverse environments such as morning tea and lunch in the La Trobe Student Union area.

Unique experiences like these are part of Latrobe Lifeskills’ NDIS group support and activities in Bendigo and Bundoora.

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