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Latrobe Lifeskills January 2024 Excursions: A Journey of Exploration and Community Inclusion

Latrobe Lifeskills concluded January 2024 with a series of excursions, bringing variety and adventure to the Lifeskills participants. The month featured a diverse array of activities, blending cultural, recreational, and educational experiences to foster social connections and skill development.

The month involved a visit to the Moorabbin Air Museum, where participants immersed themselves in the rich history of aviation, exploring vintage aircraft and gaining insights into the evolution of flight. We found inspiration at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), delving into a vast collection of artworks that ignited creativity and appreciation for diverse forms of expression.

Sports enthusiasts embarked on a tour of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), gaining behind-the-scenes access and a unique perspective on the world of professional sports. The Northcote Aquatic Centre provided refreshing aquatic adventures, while the Cranbourne Gardens offered a serene escape, allowing participants to connect with nature and explore indigenous flora.

For a whimsical journey, participants visited the Eltham Miniature Railway, where they experienced the joy of riding miniature trains. Film enthusiasts gathered for a movie day featuring Aquaman.

The Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens served as a picturesque backdrop for relaxation and exploration, offering tranquility amid nature’s beauty.

Other destinations included:

  • Victoria Police Museum
  • Groove Train restaurant
  • Melbourne Central
  • Old Melbourne Gaol

Beyond recreational outings, these excursions exemplified Latrobe Lifeskills’ commitment to providing NDIS participants with meaningful group activities that fostered social connections and skill development. As participants explored Melbourne’s attractions, they not only created lasting memories but also enhanced their overall well-being through diverse and engaging experiences.

If you want to get involved in some of the fun at Lifeskills, get in touch via [email protected] or 03 9479 1474 or head to our contact page.