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New Staff, Activities and Updates to COVID-19 Rules for Disability Services

Participant Support Update

With Autumn upon us, I cannot believe how quickly the year has progressed. It’s great to see so many Participants return for 2022 in Bundoora and Bendigo, contributing to the vibrancy and interaction among Participants and staff. Of note on campus is the return of La Trobe University students and staff, which adds to the busy and friendly atmosphere around campus.
Although a couple of staff members have moved on to pursue new interests and opportunities, we have welcomed a new staff member to Bendigo and are looking forward to welcoming two new staff in Bundoora over the next couple of weeks.  The new staff will bring a range of skills and interests to both Bendigo and Bundoora, so we can explore the addition of new activities for Participants in the near future.
Participants in Art and Craft have been preparing for the ADEC Art Ability Exhibition in May.  You can find details of the exhibition below in this newsletter.
Some of the Participants in Bundoora have continued swimming lessons with a qualified swimming instructor at the La Trobe Indoor Sports Centre, which has been very successful. Dogs on Campus has resumed their presence in Bundoora and we have had the opportunity for participants to observe an agility session and also to visit and interact with some of the dogs on a weekly basis.  We are hoping soon to re-join the Socialisation Program that we had started prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and to explore opportunities for volunteer work in Bendigo.
Please be aware that close contact rules at Lifeskills remain the same – please refer to previous communication for direction. We will update these guidelines once DFFH releases updated advice for disability services. Participants and staff in Bendigo and Bundoora also continue to wear masks. We thank all of the Participants for their diligence in taking precautions against COVID-19 and its transmission.