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Report From Lifeskills Bendigo

Participants have been enjoying exploring the shops at the Bendigo Market Place shopping
centre, including their favourites like EB Games and Zing, the comic store.
Big W and some of the clothing stores were also favourite places to explore, with a couple
of Participants purchasing items.
During the time at the market place Participants get to experience being in the community
where there is a lot of people which contributes to building self confidence and self-esteem.
It also enables them to explore independent living skills and develop social connections.
By interacting with staff at the stores, the Participants are able to select and purchase the
item that suits their needs. This helps them for the future when they may need to purchase
items on their own.
While we were there, Participants bought morning tea at the food court or were happy to
consume the food they had brought with them.
Good experience and enjoyable morning!

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