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Work Experience at IGA Bendigo

Participant Support Worker, Tanya, from Lifeskills Bendigo has been overseeing work experience placements for Participants undertaking School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES).

Tanya regularly shares updates regarding the work placements and we thought the latest update was too good not to share. Great work by Mitchell, Jack and Mathias. It really shows what can be achieved in the right environment with the right support.

We really had to step up to the ‘produce plate’ this week. There was no time for Jack to be eased in, he had to hit the ground running. The produce usually arrives at 7 am and is sorted, wrapped and priced ready for us to replenish the shelves. But this week, it arrived 10 minutes before we did, so Tom (the store manager) was frantic trying to get everything organised. In we step to take the reins. The Participants, after having a couple of shifts now, knew where to place the produce, loaded up the trolleys and took the pressure off Tom. Jack restocked the fruit and veg while Tom wrapped, weighed and priced. Once that was complete, Jack faced the dairy shelves, Mathias stacked crates, Mitch stacked boxes and then they all took the boxes to the crusher. The last job of the morning, they assisted Jack, the dairy manager, to restock all the milk products. Busy busy and Jack, the newest recruit, was a gem.

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