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Work Experience at La Trobe University

What a great few weeks of work experience we’ve had here at Lifeskills. With a number of major events taking place at La Trobe University (LTU), Lifeskills Participants had the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge of the Bundoora campus to volunteer their time alongside LTU staff.

This week, the Research for Development Impact (RDI) conference was held at the LTU Bundoora Business Building, with 300 attendees registered to attend, it was a case of all hands on deck! Lifeskills Participants, Victoria, Vasi, Ann, George, Con, Lauren, Jess, Peter, Alan, Amanda and Ben D worked across two days to provide directions and guide people to and from the lecture theatres and Business School. Participants were up to the task, with intimate knowledge of the campus, they were well suited to their roles!

Last week we had a smaller group of Participants help with exam set up, placing numbers on tables at a variety of locations. We know the exam period can be a stressful time, but hope that the care taken by Participants to ensure rooms were set up correctly at least made the logistical aspect of exams easy for students and moderators.

Finally, you may have seen that Lifeskills Participants also volunteered at the recent Bundoora graduations. Participants helped to generate a fund, friendly atmosphere, showing people where they needed to go and taking photos for proud graduates, their families and friends.

Well done to all of the Participants who have volunteered their time recently, and a huge thank you to Student Ops and the Events team at LTU for thinking of Lifeskills when looking for reliable, professional volunteers. We can’t wait until the next event!

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