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Final Ivanhoe Grammar Year 9 Program for 2022!

“I wanted to leave this program knowing that I had made new friends, had fun participating in all the different activities with them (Lifeskills participants) and had made people smile.” – Balin

Another successful Ivanhoe Grammar School Year 9 Program has come and gone!

The students brought extra energy and enthusiasm, making it one of the best weeks we’ve had as part of this unique collaboration.

The Ivanhoe Grammar students were asked to reflect on their week at Lifeskills and write about their impressions and experience. The below articles illustrate the importance of a program like this, which allows students to meet people who they may not have had the chance to meet, and Participants have the opportunity to welcome the students and tell them about their lives, goals and what they do at Lifeskills.

You can enjoy the articles here:

1.By Balin    

2.By Jasmin    

3.By Matthew    

4.By Chloe  

Lifeskills Participant, Ben, recently wrote about the program during his Letter Writing activity, click on the link below to read what he had to say:

By Ben