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First Latrobe Lifeskills x Ivanhoe Grammar Year 9 Program of 2023

Earlier this year, we welcomed a new cohort of Ivanhoe Grammar School students to Latrobe Lifeskills for their Year 9 Out of School Program.
The students showed great enthusiasm, jumping straight into conversations with participants, with genuine interest in learning about them and their lives.


For the first time since the program began, some of the Ivanhoe students joined the Singing Group, which proved a real hit!


As usual, students from Ivanhoe captured their thoughts and journey across the week, sharing their highlights and impressions from an unforgettable experience.
Click on the links below to read what the students had to say.
“I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this program, but to say the least, I ended up enjoying it a lot” – Tiora
“I know how friendly the people from Lifeskills are and I look forward to seeing them again soon” – Will
“I could honestly spend another week or two with Lifeskills, it was such a wonderful experience” – Talia
“I have a better understanding of people with a disability” – Jasmine
“When I first met the participants, I was rushed with a feeling of happiness” – Lachie