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January Activity Bonanza!

What a January to remember! With over 20 different excursions taking place across the Bundoora and Bendigo groups during January, participants have been living it up, immersing themselves in attractions across Victoria.

Some of the destinations included were Werribee Open Range Zoo, Kennington Reservoir, IMAX, Moorabbin Air Museum and Castlemaine.

Check out what some of the participants had to say about their excursions, and see all of the action in the pics below!



“On the holiday day program, I went to the movies at Northland.  We went to see Puss In Boots – The Last wish. We had recliner seats and the movie was really funny.  I got to hang out with all my friends.  I had McDonalds for lunch, it was a great day.”   – George

“My favourite excursion was Imax. We watched a documentary called Serengeti – Journey to the heart of Africa. It was about African animals and was in 3D. When the dung beetles pushed the manure around it was very interesting. After Imax we had lunch at mac Donald’s. I really enjoyed it.” – Robbie P

“My favourite excursion on the holiday program was Edwardes Lake. We had a BBQ and played cricket. Fun day.” – Nicole

“My favourite excursion on the holiday program was Moorabbin Air Museum. We had a guide, Fred, who told us about the planes and helicopters. He told us about how women delivered all the planes to the air bases in the wars. We got to sit in the cock pits of big fighter jets, helicopters and passenger planes. One plane had Diana’s name on it. When we went outside, there were more planes, helicopters and a bus!! we got to go in all of them.” – Vasi

“I really enjoyed going to the Werribee Zoo. We went on a Safari Bus we saw lots of animals. We saw rhinoceros and ostrich and zebras and giraffes eating.  It was very exciting.” – David