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Learning about Sleep, Emotions, Mindfulness and More Through Healthy Me!

Latrobe Lifeskills participants have been busy engaging in a 10-week pre-accredited training program called ‘Healthy Me,’ facilitated by Luisa from the Centre for Adult Education. Covering a diverse range of topics, including sleep, fears and phobias, personal hygiene, mindfulness, feelings and emotions, relationships, healthy eating, sugar, and more, the program has been a comprehensive exploration of various aspects of well-being.

When it came to sugar in drinks, participants discovered the health benefits of choosing water and engaged in an enlightening exercise to showcase the amount of sugar present in sweetened beverages. Choosing their favorite sweetened drinks, participants calculated and measured out the sugar content, leading to some surprised reactions as they scooped out the sugar.

Congratulations to Lifeskills participants—Ben, Carla, George, Jackson, Katrina J, Lole, Malak, Mark, Martin, Matthew T, Robbie, and Robert M—on successfully completing the Course.


Active participation and enthusiasm marked the program’s activities, with participants sharing their positive experiences:

  • Robbie: “I enjoyed doing the sugar activity and pouring the amount. I enjoyed the whole program.”
  • Malak: “I found it interesting learning about sleep and feelings.”
  • Ben: “I like learning about the different stages of sleep and exploring so many feelings. We did an activity where Luisa asked us to write down different feelings on the whiteboard. I also liked the relationship class.”
  • Jackson: “I liked the Healthy Me program and learning about different things.”
  • Lole: “I liked the Healthy Me program and the part where we played bowling.”
  • Martin: “I found the Healthy Me program good.”
  • Katrina: “I liked learning about healthy eating, sugar amount in soft drinks, and that water is the best option for a drink. I enjoyed doing the exercise and playing the games.”
  • Carla: “I liked the part about personal hygiene, washing your hands, wearing clean clothes, and washing your hair. I liked the meditation, and I like listening to leaves on a stream.”

For those eager to continue their educational journey, enrolling in accredited courses or pursuing further learning through at Lifeskills might be for you. For more information, please contact Latrobe Lifeskills head office at (03) 9479 1474.

Support Workers who assisted with this initiative include Leanne, Michelle, Diana, Ashleigh, Melinda H, and Joseph.

Wishing all participants the very best in their future endeavors and extending warm holiday greetings to everyone. Happy Holidays!

Diana & Ashleigh (Participant Support Workers)