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The Cyberability Project Visit to Lifeskills

With internet scams rising, it’s vital to ensure we do our best to maintain our online safety to prevent and recognise scams.
The Cyberability Project is about working together with people with living experience of brain injury and scams to research and design cyber safety resources.
Lifeskills was fortunate to have Dr Kate Gould and ambassadors Jimmy and Col come out to Bundoora recently to share their experiences and tips for being safe online.

Dr Gould has worked with Col, Jimmy and other ambassadors and experts involved in the project to develop free training to teach people how to ‘stay scam safe’. While the project was initially set up for people with acquired brain injury (ABI), the information is helpful for anyone who uses the internet, especially as scammers become more sophisticated.

Thanks to Dr Gould, Col and Jimmy for sharing their insights.