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Guest Speakers at Lifeskills Bendigo

We recently welcomed members of Ambulance Victoria and Metro Trains to Lifeskills Bendigo for some interactive information sessions.

As part of the Ambulance Victoria session, Participants learned how the ambulance service works, how to call an ambulance, what heat stroke is and how to spot it, now that we are coming into the summer months. Participants then had a look inside the ambulance vehicle and had the opportunity to test out some of the equipment.

Dylan from Metro Trains visited later in the day to discuss rail safety when using public transport in metropolitan areas, finding assistance and using a Myki. With some participants now starting to travel to Melbourne independently after engaging in Travel Training with Lifeskills, learning about the metropolitan network will no doubt come in handy as they build their confidence travelling further from home.

Thanks to Ambulance Victoria and Metro Trains for providing information and resources that we know will go a long way!