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Volunteers Of Banyule

On Friday the 2nd of September, the Lifeskills Work Experience class was lucky enough to have a visit by Frank of the Volunteers of Banyule.

The discussion was friendly, with many questions asked of Frank by the Participants, and a lot of interest shown in what he had to say.

Frank spoke to the group about a lot of the local opportunities to Volunteer, such as:

  • Opportunity Shops,
  • Blue Cross Animal Shelter,
  • Events – like the recent ‘Wellness Walk’ by Olivier Newton John,
  • Sporting Clubs – cycling, running, ball sports, pony club,
  • Charity groups,
  • Libraries,
  • Environment Groups – like the Waterways,
  • Retirement or Nursing Homes, amongst many others.

Participants also discovered there is the Volunteers of Whittlesea and the Volunteers of Manningham as well, so it’s always a good idea to look in your local area.

Frank, who is a volunteer himself, spoke very highly about the many benefits to Volunteering as a genuine and accessible Work Experience.   He explained how there aremany fold benefits, including:

  • being exposed to a genuine work-place environment,
  • experiencing the discipline and commitment required to successfullyhold a job,
  • engaging with other work colleagues,
  • travel training,
  • knowing the time and work out-put a job requires
  • having the increased confidence of achieving
  • the enormous benefit to the community and those less fortunate
  • the sense of personal pride that only comes from helping others.

It was noted that although Volunteering does not pay, a work experience that offers a token $5 per day is no more valuable than Volunteering – it can’t all be about the $5!!!!!!

Frank is booked to come to Lifeskills to speak with another group of Participants and I would recommend you attend if you can.

Thanks to Frank for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit with us.

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