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Latrobe Lifeskills and Ivanhoe Grammar School Year 9 Program Collaboration

The long-awaited third Latrobe Lifeskills and Ivanhoe Grammar School Year 9 Program collaboration was a huge hit! Ivanhoe Grammar students arrived at Lifeskills full of curiosity, enthusiasm and willingness to learn and took no time to engage with participants who happily welcomed the group.

Over four days, Lifeskills Participants and staff included students in a range of activities and delicious lunches, while the Ivanhoe students ran a Sport and Just Dance activity, complete with a tour of their University Campus, just up the hill from the Lifeskills office.

This collaboration, which will occur again later in 2022, provides an opportunity for students to meet people with a disability and learn about the disability sector including the expansive number of possible career opportunities.

Lifeskills Participants generously offered their time and shared their activities to speak with students and answer questions, often leading to spirited conversations and lots of laughs!

Ivanhoe Grammar students wrote articles reflecting on their time at Lifeskills, their initial expectations for the week and what they learned during their four days. You can read each article by clicking on the individual author below.

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